Welcome to the Portland Community Partnership

The Portland Community Partnership (PCP) was formed to carry on the good work of the Single Regeneration Budget (SRB) following the loss of the Navy in the late 90s. The SRB on Portland was so successful because it was made up and delivered by a wide variety of partners including statutory and voluntary agencies, as well as members of the public. This ethos has been carried on by the PCP. The Partnership was formally constituted in 2001 as a unincorporated not for profit organisation. In 2018 following approval by members the partnership became formally incorporated with a Board of Directors with limited liability shareholding. See our Projects page for information on our activities.

Latest News

The Dorset Council Local Plan

The Dorset Council Local Plan Options Consultation is now live, and runs until 15 March 2021.

Planning affects all of us and it is vital that we input into this consultation as the council’s planning policies, which are set out in Local Plans, are the legal starting point in determining planning applications.

The Dorset Local Plan covers Portland has significant potential impacts for the Environment, Housing, Economy and Community Infrastructure.

To participate please visit the consultation pages on the Dorset Council website HERE.

Portland Community Partnership on Facebook

The Portland Community Partnership Facebook page is essentially an ‘Information Service’ for Portland and the nearby surrounding area.

The PCP Facebook Page was created to help our communities enjoy the many varied and wonderful events and other goings-on in and around the Isle. Please do tell your friends to LIKE the page. 

Some of the reasons why we love Portland

The beautiful coastline

The tranquillity of the Island

Portland stone and the stunning natural environment

Amazing sunsets and sunrises

The power of the sea

Uniqueness of the Island

The flora

The community

The trails around and through 
the Island

The beautiful weather and microclimate

The activities and watersports

The international visitors

The potential

The offer of adventure

The world class businesses

The history of the Royal Manor

The outstanding heritage

and of course Chesil Beach


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