Name:                         Revd Christopher Briggs

Organisation:                        The Church in Weymouth and Portland – Faith Group Rep

The Church in Weymouth and Portland continues to connect with the community in a whole raft of ways.  In addition to Refresh 2012 last year where we engaged with visitors and community we continue to look forward to working in partnership ways with others for the benefit of the community.  A main project which is being developed at the moment is the setting up of a CAP Centre to help deal with issues of debt.

Along with others in the Third Sector we are also investigating how we might work in closer partnership with Dorset County Council with the hope that any model developed might be useful in partnership arrangements further afield.

A Food Bank is also being developed on Portland.

Issues for WPP Board:

·         Any partnership opportunities in connection with Debt relief.

·         How we connect third sector and statutory sector.

Name: Dave Thompson

Organisation: Dorset Youth Association

Extremely strong field of candidates shortlisted for the new Sports and Arts Development Worker Posts.

Interviews are scheduled for Wednesday 22nd May 2013.

Thanks to everyone who passed on the information.

Issues for WPP Board: None

Name: Hilary Foggo

Organisation: Dorset Age Partnership & Age UK Dorchester

Update: Dorset Age Partnership, Dorset Fiftyplus and Dorset POPP are holding their third joint countywide conference on the 20th June.  Called ‘A Good Ending’ the conference will focus on the topic of death and bereavement.

Age UK Dorchester are in the process of establishing a service port and ‘new to you’ shop in Fortuneswell

Issues for WPP Board: None

Name:  Beverley Breeds

Organisation: Synergy Housing part of the Aster Group

The Neighbourhood Team based in Dorset manage 9,000 properties across Dorset, Wiltshire and Hampshire and are divided into East and West teams.

In the  teams we are very busy at the moment getting ready to go live with the Unity Project – new computer system in June with some internal training in place and also some changes in processes within the teams.

We have been working with customers on Neighbourhood Walkabouts and also a focus group with customers looking at how we can continually improve the process.  

Taking into account feedback from questionnaires sent out to customers who have attended walkabouts and involving our Neighbourhood Panels in the walkabouts we are using the feedback to make environmental improvements on our estates.  

The Neighbourhood Panels are working well and completed on their Local offers last year. This year the offers are taking into account priorities for each area and in particular work around welfare reform, training opportunities and health and welfare and we look forward to our partnership work with the panels to help deliver on these offers.

We have reviewed our reception area after consultation with staff and customers, looking at

the importance of the role of the Neighbourhoods team is in providing support and advice to our customers to enable them to sustain their tenancies. This means that the team become involved in issues ranging from providing advice on moving to alternative accommodation to assisting families who are in desperate need of our help.

Last year the team supported several of our customers in sustaining their tenancies. Some of the projects that the team were involved with were:

·         providing cleaning to a property that had fallen into a poor condition. By undertaking this clean the resident was able to return to his home following a stay in hospital.

·         We provided carpeting to one of our customers living in a flat in Wimborne. Unfortunately our customer was not able to afford the flooring and without the covering we receiving complaints about noise nuisance coming from the flat. On the fitting of the flooring the noise complaints stopped and no further action was taken against their tenancy.

Over the coming year both Neighbourhood teams will be supporting and sharing their wealth of experience in the field with 2 new Trainee Neighbourhood Officers.  This is a fantastic opportunity to the 2 successful applicants who will be embarking on a learning programme across the wider Tenancy Management team. The traineeship will also include a professional qualification with the Chartered Institute of Housing

Name:Andy Matthews

Organisation:Portland Community Partnership

The partnership is currently active in supporting and monitoring a number of initiatives which are in line with its action plan in order to evaluate which combination of partners /lead organisations etc are best placed to progress matters. The ultimate aim is that effective and sustainable change and improvement is progressed.

Current strands:

Neighbourhood Plan – Localised planning issues which augment and enhance the Local plan – Portland Town Council is lead

Maritime Economy – Supporting the development of a longer term strategy to enhance the possibilities of attracting funding and inward investment . Building on partnership working through the Coastal Communities Wreck to Reef Bid.- Portland Businesses supported by Economic Development Team

Tourism Strategy- As previously reported – awaiting outcome of Town Council’s negotiations concerning the Portland Bill Visitor centre-

Built and Natural Heritage – Currently compiling a listing of possible projects for community consultation in order to achieve community’ buy in ‘ and project synergy even though projects may be progressed by a variety of organisations.

‘Working with You’-  Focus on multi agency actions in Underhill. Support for benefit of environmental improvements and improved job opportunities linking to other strands. – WPP

Capacity Building Communities to take on services – supporting Town Council but evaluating equally other possible development strands

Young People/NEETS issues – Supporting where asked and again evaluating a number of strands which could become unviable without effective partnership cross over.

Changes to Verne Prison role – monitoring impact on community and community links.

DCC Sustainable Travel Project – evaluating for integration into other strands

Spirit of Portland – Calendar of events developing

AGM – The PCP’s AGM will be in July to allow us to build into any development plan for 2013/14 feedback from various initiatives occurring.

Issues for WPP Board:

·         Finding the right balance of community support  (see also PCP website  monthly updates www.





Other WPP Files are available on our Dropbox App.

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