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The PCP Annual General Meeting for 2018 was held on Wednesday 27th March 2018 - 7pm at the Osprey Leisure Centre. The documents below contain the minutes of the previous meeting back in 2016 and the latest minutes for 2018 which you can find from page 6 

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The PCP Annual General Meeting for 2016 was held on Wednesday 28th September 2016 at 7pm at the Osprey Leisure Centre. The documents below contain the minutes of that meeting & respective papers.

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The PCP Annual General Meeting for 2015 was held on Thursday 24th September 2015 at 7pm at the Portland Heights Hotel. The documents below contain the minutes of that meeting & the Agenda and other papers for the 2016 meeting.

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PCP Update for January 2014
Peer Reviews

During the Autumn period members of Dorset County Council and Weymouth and Portland Borough Coun-cil’s have subjected their authorities to a review by their ‘peers’ normally senior officers from other local authorities or associations. These reviews are important as they come, as we know, at a time when both authorities face difficult budget issues. They therefore help as a way of helping with focusing on planning and actions.

A key element within both reviews was the need to work more effectively and openly with ‘communities’ . If, therefore, you would like to see relevant reports these are available at
http://www1.dorsetforyou.com/COUNCIL/commis2013.nsf/MIN/662314B120158DDE80257C3D004B4A93?OpenDocument and http://www.dorsetforyou.com/peerchallengewestweymouth

At the Board meeting of the Weymouth and Portland Partnership in December officers from both authori-ties spoke about the these reviews and the consultations on Budget issues which were planned. PCP repre-sentatives asked that whatever is planned that it was important that both authorities communicated with each other around consultation plans. Many people still do not understand the respective roles of each au-thority and at a time efficiency is seen as of paramount concern a joined up process would be a good start.

A key element is the change in the way that authorities purchase services. There is concern about the idea of ‘outsourcing’ but ideally services which are delivered by local groups would benefit from visibility and di-rect accountability offsetting potential inefficiencies through a lack of economy of scale and over detailed contract monitoring. However in order to achieve this it requires authorities to work closely with communi-ties to build the ability to handle this type of new arrangement.

DCC has indicated that the two main priorities would be delivering economic development and growth and Health and Well being . Through establishing a Community and a Business Forum the PCP believes that we will be in a good position to work with both authorities in a progressive way. It is obviously going to take a little time for authorities to relate to this and so we can only stress this message as much as possible.

Neighbourhood Plan

The January edition of the Free Portland News included information pages which set out the process of developing the plan. The PCP has always anticipated that the Neighbourhood Plan process would be carried out at a time of change in public services. As well as looking at their day to day expenditure (revenue) both authorities have realised that they have to look at their land and asset holding with DCC as an exam-ple recently declaring that they have set themselves an ambitious target of reducing this by 75%. The dis-posal of these assets would allow capital injection in many areas to modernise services but could create an imbalance around various land uses on the Island. This is another reason why we need to support the Neigh-bourhood Plan process and we hope that as more people come to understand the various strands that the framework of developing a plan will cover so that it will become more relevant and important.

And finally
We hope that you find these updates of interest. Another recommendation from both peer reviews was the importance of our elected members to be key conduits for information and leadership. The PCP as ever is happy to support these developments but always remembering our strap line ‘Small Island, Big Ideas’ . We hope you had a Happy Christmas and we remain optimistic for 2014.


Formation of Portland Community Forum and Refreshed Business Group


The purpose of this note is to update the WPP Communities Group on the current position.

At the PCP’s AGM which was held on the 25th September there was in principle agreement to progress forming the above groups.

Community Forum.


Over the summer period the PCP had approaches from a number of community organisations to particularly look at bringing groups together and the PCP has involved representatives from these organisations in the first stage in discussing the best way forward. We are currently agreeing a date for the first meeting which is likely to be in the next two weeks.


A draft of the long list of Underhill Working With You projects together with information concerning the changing role of the Dorset Communities Forum is likely feature on the first meeting Agenda.


In regard to the WWY project listing obviously the PCP has been involved in promoting the WWY project and whilst it is good to see a comprehensive list the practical realities of budgetary pressure  on authorities and on face value a number of project overlaps would require some more detailed work around priorities and synergies.


Business Group

The work of this group is likely to be highly influenced by Local Enterprise Growth Strategies but also bringing particularly Portland development issues forward e.g  supporting diversification of traditional industries, improving links with Portland Port and Osprey Quay.  Again a small working group has been formed to look at the best way of proceeding so as to take an early steer on any opportunities. Some elements are reflected in the WWY project list .


A Matthews


15 October 2013


PCP FPN August Update

It was interesting to see the publicity focus of Lord Coe’s visit in July which centred on our environment as our greatest opportunity for the future. When the Dorset Strategic Partnership met last October to discuss the Olympic Economic Legacy it was PCP members who raised the issue of ‘Natural Capital’ and who was progressing this for this was of particular importance for the Island. The creation of a new body The Dorset Natural Partnership (DNP) has meant that Dorset has now a focus to take this forward and to unlock this potential but as ever this has a Dorset wide focus and the unique problems and solutions that this Island requires can get lost in the ‘expert’ voices.

The DNP sits alongside the Dorset Enterprise Partnership whose business development portfolio focuses heavily on the Bournemouth and Poole Conurbation with a short mention of Portland Port being the only area of strategic concern in the West of the County . Obvi-ously lobbying will continue to make representatives aware of the potential of the Port as well as Osprey Quay across a range of future activities but Portland has always been poor in promoting itself and there is a danger again of our voice being lost.

The Island is an evocative place it inspires people to write, to paint and to enjoy. Many are proud to share this with others and the Spirit of Portland Festival is a small start to bring some of this together. The Island has a strong community spirit but faces challenges due to change.
The Weymouth and Portland Partnership through their Communities and Economic Groups are seeking a way for our voice to be heard more clearly across all these issues but the strength of representation on these groups from the Island is limited. In addition Community Partnerships across Dorset have always struggled to engage business because of the committee nature of their operations.

The PCP has decided to delay our AGM this year until September so that we can take stock of how best it needs to operate to meet these and other challenges. During this time we will look to engage through public meetings and other events to ensure that our community has as much information about proposals and projects and to allow through whatever medium the community to make representations.





The PCP was originally formed to take forward partnership working following the end of the Single Regeneration Funding (SRB)  after the loss of the Navy in the mid 90’s. A review of the SRB projects  is an interesting read with a number of projects then supported easily being considered necessary now. The general and local economy and the impact of service changes coupled with an overreliance on  public sector employment begs the question  do we need another Single Regeneration Budget ?  Life now however is more complicated with a wider range of organisations and funding opportunities requiring much more input into co-ordination and project progression.

The PCP remains at its heart a small voluntary group this allows us not to be deflected by funding targets and timelines however it does mean that we can be limited in what we can take on. Currently at the centre of the PCP’ s work therefore is the construction of development plans of which we have discussed before.


At the PCP’s AGM in late July we will therefore put forward our priorities and actions for the coming year. The action plan will recognise other organisations which will be best  placed to lead on certain  projects and potential projects.

At the AGM  officers will also be appointed if you are interested in supporting the PCP please contact us as set out at the end of this article .  Details of the AGM and the process of appointment of officers will be circulated via local media and poster information during the beginning of July.


Mine Open Day: a thank you. At their Mine opening day Albion Stone kindly allowed the PCP to raise funding via donations. The total collected was £173.75 and the PCP is very grateful to Albion and to those who contributed. If you have not been ‘down the mines’ please look out for the next time an information day is run  it is a very worthwhile experience.


Blue Planters. At  the recent 'Working with You' consultation events there were a number of queries about what was happening with planting these out this year.  The following is the current position:-


As you know the planters were gifted to the PCP to hold on behalf of the community. In addition the Revive group funded a number of planters which were located at pubs and clubs in Fortuneswell and Castletown which were intended to be self maintained by them although the PCP undertook to monitor the position in terms of use.


In order to break down the number of planters to manageable numbers and also to disperse these across the Island  the PCP asked for groups who were interested to register their interest and accordingly this slimmed down the number in Fortuneswell and Chiswell. In addition the 'up the pole' planters and one of the large Beehive planters were put into store at the Town Council Offices.


The planters  around the Car Park in Chiswell and those under the railings by Ventnor Lane have been maintained directly by the PCP  committee and we have purchased sufficient plants to maintain these over the summer

Over last winter we did send out feelers about interest to groups in taking on the planters and as you know we had hoped that the Town Council would have been in a position to consider  co-ordinating these. Unfortunately whilst we are grateful for those who are helping with watering it will be currently difficult for us to consider taking on extra that is planting up and maintaining those that are in store or attempting to co-ordinate the return of the full set of planters to the Church area in Fortuneswell and the Up the Pole planters in Chiswell and at the top of Victoria Gardens.


We are however monitoring those that are located at pubs and clubs and we have removed those from Victoria Lodge and are considering what best to do with those at the NPWMC.  Also the larger planters at Wren Court and hopefully these will start to mature. This area was set up for the community to sit and enjoy and we ask that those that use it respect this.


Meanwhile also thank you to those groups and individuals who have taken on the planters and the extra local ones constructed or installed  hopefully we can build on this year for next year .


If you would like more details about any of the above information either contact us via our website contact page or E-mail us portlandcommunitypartnership@gmail.com


One of the principle aims of the PCP is to ‘enable the enablers’. As mentioned last month, one of the main ways this can be can be achieved is to establish a series of development frameworks which groups, agencies and organisations can use to work together but which originated and therefore has ownership within the community. Regretfully too often schemes are driven by outside targets or funding timelines or set community groups at odds with one another to secure funding and therefore can be counterproductive to achieving long term sustainable change.


Last month therefore, the PCP released summary information from the Neighbourhood Plan consultations which occurred in January which set out a series of possible actions to inform the construction of such a series of development plans.  Some of these actions  fall directly under the remit of planning issues which the Town Council as the sponsor of the Neighbourhood Plan could look to progress others need a more wider response and could form the initial basis of actions for refreshed Town Plan as well as informing the Weymouth and Portland’s Partnership ‘Working With You’ initiative in Underhill. 


If you would like a copy of this summary please contact us on our email address  portlandcommunitypartnership@gmail.com



How do you measure economic benefit? Increasingly diverse areas such as health, culture, transport and environmental groups are starting to look at how they can demonstrate this alongside a greater awareness of more traditional areas for the need to have this type of baseline information to hand. Can individual projects if brought together compliment and therefore trigger levels of investment which previously were not available ? Over the coming months the PCP will either directly or proactively support others to promote this idea. Areas such as a joined up approach to Osprey Quay, Castletown and the Port as well as our Environmental and Built Heritage Assets will be a starting point.




The AGM this year will be in July this is to allow us over the next few weeks to assess a number of issues and to feed this into the intended work for the following year. Details of the AGM and the process for the appointment of officers for the coming year will be circulated normally a month before the AGM itself.


Spirit of Portland 26 July – 4 August


Thanks to the work of the steering group, a calendar of events is starting to come together. The aim is to showcase the heritage, culture, geology and community spirit of the Island. Details of the current calendar is shown HERE and further information can be obtained from Community 2000, Portland Heights Hotel, St Georges Church, The Portland Centre and via the PCP’s Facebook page.



 The PCP is organising directly the Lerret event on 26th July which will be based around Chesil Cove and the Prom  and an activity day on 4th August. We are encouraging groups to come forward with ideas within these dates to bring your area of the Island forward and to share with  others.



PCP Action Plan

One of the key actions agreed by the PCP in June 2011 was to  ‘ensure National, Regional, and Local strategies are maximised for local benefit ‘  . We have quoted before from the Government’s agenda concerning Community Led Regeneration (CLR) and this month a flurry of behind the scenes work has happened to try and move issues on . PCP members have been actively involved in supporting the development of a bid around the Coastal Communities Fund and at the same time influencing aspects of the Borough’s ‘Working With You Initiative’. We have also reissued an updated draft Tourism and Visitor Management Strategy which we hope will provide a structure for organisations  to use to present a common approach to this increasingly important economic area.  The PCP believes that the production of such development frameworks are an important way that groups ,who often have similar or common aims, to come together and discuss and take action and overcome short term views.

Another major strand is’ localising’  services so they are more directly accountable and responsive. The PCP has encouraged the Town Council to be receptive to this idea and they are progressing now a number of areas.

Other developments within the Community Led Regeneration agenda  and which are becoming more manifest are the potential for  local retention of business rates and the Business Improvement District concept. Finally the’ Working with You’ initiative is starting to take shape around the potential to develop  Community Budgets .

During this period of time the PCP has had to stay  focused on these long term aims. In 2009 a document was produced by the then Regional Development Agency entitled ‘Portland Beyond 2012’ it was  mainly produced because it was known, even then, that the main focus of the Olympic effort would be in Weymouth and the hope was that by establish a discussion document it would allow the Island to focus on its  own potential and assets. A number of members tried to use this document  as a basis for engagement but could not garnish support or enthusiasm then. Hopefully by using all the strands of the CLR we can find a more supportive environment this time.

Spirit of Portland

At a more direct level the organisation of the Spirit of Portland Festival is progressing and over the coming months  you will hear more from the steering group.

Support for Chris Walker

PCP has given Chris Walker Triathlete a  new mountain bike which had been purchased  by the company Sperry Top-Side for use during the Olympic Period. The bike was not used and  was then  passed on by their local contact Roy Griffiths from Creative Solutions to the PCP in order to raise funds. The PCP hope that by raffling the bike Chris will raise additional funds and awareness of the level that he has attained in his sport as an inspiration to other local  people. The PCP has limited funds but do offer support to those who compete at national or international level. As well as the bike the PCP have made a donation of £100 and the Osprey Leisure Centre have also offered support. If you want to know more about Chris’ efforts then details are on http://teamwalker1.blogspot.co.uk/


Organisations are reminded that  extracts from the PCP’s website  calendar  are now displayed at various points around the Island and are also circulated via are facebook and email listing. If you are organising a fund raising event or a community activity please let us know either via the facebook page or website  www.portlandcommunitypartnership.co.uk  or email portlandcommunitypartnership@gmail.com.





March saw the release of the 2013 Version of the Portland Visitor map which is organised and produced by the PCP Business Group. This year again it is intended to distribute over 40,000 of these maps not only on the Island but across visitor attractions, campsites, TICs in the near area. Almost all this distribution is undertaken through voluntary effort and there are no administrative costs charged.

For this year there are a number of additional attractions highlighted many of these are being run on a not for profit basis. Wherever it is distributed the map is well received comments such as ‘ these fly off the shelf’ ‘our most popular leaflet’ and ‘much more informative than the Weymouth map’ . The latter perhaps is the most telling . In order to fund the Weymouth map much of its space is filled with adverts. The Portland map is largely funded through PCP fundraising and with distribution costs being nil it allows the map to hold a narrative around facets of the Island.  At a time the Borough is pulling back on Tourist Information and asking tourist businesses to take more of a lead finding the right balance is critical. Perhaps a lesson for Weymouth to learn and a lesson for us not to forget as we look on how we can maintain a Tourist Information Service.

If you would like to hold a stock of the maps then these are available from the Heights Hotel.

Another focus this month has been supporting the development of the Portland Neighbourhood Plan. Information is now available on our website on what is happening both at a local level and nationally. Ensuring that what the Neighbourhood Plan can cover and seeking views and comments across the whole community including those who run businesses on the Island is a difficult task and will require a number of different forms of feedback to be supported. Information to date  has already drawn out issues that could be progressed and if you would like details of these they are available on the website pages.

Representatives attended the recent Dorset Strategic Partnership event which was held at the Sailing Academy. The strong message that came out of the day was that the business pavilion which was hosted in conjunction with the Department of Trade and Industry was successful and already has produced new business outcomes.  We took the opportunity of again raising a query about what is happening at Osprey Quay and we hope that the Homes and Communities Agency will be able to come to one of our public meetings in April/May.

Finally the Local Nature Partnership which is hosted by Dorset County Council has become part of the Weymouth and Portland Partnership Board . The PCP is trying to ensure that through this and other routes that as much as possible it is Portland based businesses which benefit . This includes being  a key part of protecting and managing our environment and providing training and qualification opportunities.


If you would like more information about the work of the partnership then please either email portlandcommunitypartnership@gmail.com or access our facebook pages or website www.portlandcommunitypartnership.co.uk


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