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Item Date / Issued :- 11-08-2018

Portland 'BUDGET' Meeting Presentation. As written in 2013. 

Item Date / Issued :- 04-09-2017

Portland 'LAND TRUST' Meeting Presentations. Consisting of 2 separate presentations. 

Item Date / Issued :- 04-09-2017

Portland LAND TRUST Presentation 2 - Community led Housing

Item Date / Issued :- 12-08-2017

Neighbourhood Plan Update & Links to Living & Learning

The 'LOCAL GOVERNMENT REVIEW' Document Below was written in back in1991


If Portland had achieved full status as per the report below, would the following have happened.


Would we have had stronger local say when the Royal Navy left?

Would we have had a stronger voice In the Olympic arrangements?

Would we have had OUR say on how Osprey Quay developed? Would our tourism offer be stronger by now ?

Could we have managed the loss of the Royal Navy better ?


With the new Local Government Reforms and how Portland could have more influence over its future. Could we actually have a real voice?


This file was posted in August 2015 and contains information on the Vision for Economic growth for the Isle and Royal Manor of Portland.


If you have any comment to make on this file, please contact us using our contact details. Our contact page can be found here

This file was posted in March 2013 and contains information on the Tourism Strategy for the Isle and Royal Manor of Portland. This is the Draft Document


If you have any comment to make on this file, please contact us using our contact details. Our contact page can be found here




                                                                Draft Minutes of PCP AGM held 20th September 2012 at C2000 Hall Easton

1)      Apologies received from Rob Hughes, Rod Wild, Rachelle Smith, Jean Charnock, Angela Gould, Ray Novak, David Hawkins, Tony Porter, Shirley and Colin Deeney, Catherine Brew, Wilma  Butler, Amanda Munro, John Tweed, Rachel Barton, Lyn Cooch, Zach Williams, Geoff Smith. Attendees as per attendance book (approximately 30 attending).

2)      Notes from the last AGM meeting in June 2011 had been made available.  The AGM had been deliberately deferred until Sep 2012  after the Olympic Period to allow a focus on the priorities for the coming year.



3)      Financial statement had been circulated and was approved. It was intended that the available funds would increase this year with a number of fundraising activities planned.

Annual Report.  At the 2011 AGM an ‘action plan’ had been presented which covered a number of areas for direct work and to encourage and support partners. Some specifics aspects were.

a)      Actively involved in  supporting the development of the Local Plan. Raising awareness of the Government’s Localism agenda .Encourage  the Town Council to progress a  Neighbourhood Plan

b)       Improve relationships with other agencies such as Weymouth & Portland Partnership and their partner organisations

 c)    Theming PCP meetings so as they provide an improved opportunity for networking

 d)   Supporting the role of Revive over the past year, especially with the flower display in Underhill which had taken years of negotiating and special thanks should go to all the volunteers who have worked extremely hard to maintain them over the summer months.

e)  Working with Tesco’s to link in with smaller shops in Easton.

f)   Sponsoring the blue butterfly project at the High Angle Battery which had involved a wide cross section of groups  

h) Supporting the distribution of 30,000 visitor maps throughout Dorset.

4)      Confirmation of appointments on paper A were discussed and approved. Jo Bray also offered to assist in the role of Secretary



5)      PCP  priorities for 2012 as per Paper B. Discussion was held around the main areas Economy, Community, Environment and Governance . A number of items were worded so that they provided the opportunity for the PCP to link in with other agencies. Others were about specific direct action which the Management committee could look to progress. Additional items proposed were more specific detail around Health and Wellbeing and Community Safety. Also development of a Community Group register and an annual calendar of larger events.

6)      Consultative members The following members offered to take on specific consultative roles. Scott Irvine - Community Arts, Katy Pascoe - Community Development/Localism and Older People, Debbie Smith – Children and families and IPACA, Andy Straw – Communication (PCP face book page), Mike Osmond (Health and Wellbeing). Kim Wilcox suggested Business linked to Social Entrepreneurship. There was then a discussion on the soon to be opened Portland Pride shop in Fortuneswell.

Additional consultative members would be sought as opportunities and need arose. Immediate areas were Business, Environment and links to monitoring Local and National policy issues so  that the Partnership could anticipate  and plan for changes .

7)      Notes of Meeting of 8th  May and  Matters arising – Notes were accepted as correct. Mike Kelly Independent Chair of the Review Group to be asked to come along and talk to the members about the Neighbourhood plan and the importance of having a plan for Portland. AM to arrange. There was on-going concern about  the service at Easton chemist . KP has some PALS postcards in ICA and encourages people to come along and collect one so they can register  their views formally.

8)      50+ Forums. Hilary Foggo  gave an input on the 50+ forum consultation meetings which were being held on Portland. The aim of the meetings were to obtain the opinion of the people of Portland as to whether there was a need for Portland to have its own forum as Portland already had over 40 members who attended the Weymouth forum. The 50 age limit was set by the government and the forum is aimed at improving the quality of life of its members. For more info call Hilary on 07891 351766 or Nicky Turrell on 07971 338700

9)      AOB – It was agreed that the activities which had occurred over the summer period on the Island were extremely well received and that the PCP should encourage similar activities to continue. YB and RB will lead on events and projects for the coming year. The following were reported Halloween event on 27th October at High Angle Battery and Fancys Farm 3-8pm.  Easton Christmas Promise will take place on 7th December, 5-9pm. Festive Fun in Fortuneswell on 19th December 6-9pm. ICA are starting another lunch club on 15th October, contact ICA for full details. It was decided that a face book page would be set up which would be used to put such events on. Andy Straw has done this and it already has over 40 likes.

10)   Date of next meeting -  TO BE ANNOUNCED





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