Neighbourhood  Planning.


Updates for May 2013

Please find an update concerning the Local Plan by clicking the link above. Information concerning culteral development aspects of any neighbourhood planning and information concerning two current planning applications.

Updated Portland Pages Including Tracked Changes which was taken to the Policy Committee. The level of details shown in the Local Plan will influence the content and scope of any Portland Neighbourhood Plan Click the link below.

​Here is a link to a monthly E-Bulletin called 'Up Front' designed to keep you up to date with all matters relating to National Neighbourhood Planning.

Portland Neighbourhood Planning January 2013 Consultation Events

Draft Report for Initial Summary Findings


The purpose of this draft report is to provide an early summary overview of the comments made at the consultation events held on Portland on 14th and 21st  January 2013 . It is not meant to be a definite statement of all issues.


Approximately 150 attendees produced just under 500 response cards and narrative details of these cards were transferred to a spreadsheet for analysis.The spreadsheet produced by the Young Organisers has a definitive audit trail based on venue and card number. In addition the theme under which the comment was made was also colour coded. Each of the comments have been reviewed . It was considered that there were a number of sub themes  arising.  The comments were therefore extracted and placed under each sub theme to which it was felt that the comment was relevant. Some comments therefore appear under more than one sub theme heading. In all cases the comments audit trail was maintained.

Where possible a key word analysis was placed alongside the comment and this then allowed these to be grouped.

These groupings were then used to produce this report. Ideally there should be a further audit trail between key word and this report but the need to publish the information to the working group has meant that this has not been fully possible at this time.

This report is published to provide public  information. The actions shown require further discussion and agreement and as such are shown as possible actions only. More consultation will be required. WPBC as the planning authority have yet to confirm the Neighbourhood Plan area and so consultation events may be delayed until this has been agreed.


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