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Island Community Action is a small non-profit organisation and registered charity ( No.075124) based on the wonderful and unique Isle of Portland in Dorset. We have been here for over ten years, during which time we have been able to support a range of community activities, especially those aimed at the elderly, people who find it difficult to get out into society and people with special needs.

Our regular activities are: The Portland Community Mini Bus. The Get Together club. Bingo. Portland Lottery, (win  cash prizes and help support ICA.)
If you would like to volunteer or to know more then please contact us:
Address: ICA, 6 Reforne, Easton. DT5 2AL.
Telephone: 01305 823789



         Opening times in 2013
      Monday - 9:30am - 12:30pm
      Tuesday - 10am - 2pm
      Wednesday - 10am - 1pm
      Thursday - 10am - 2pm
      Friday - 10am - 2pm
      Saturday/Sunday - Closed




Community 2000

write to:
The Community Centre
6 Straits



Portland Safer Neighbourhood Team.

Wreck To Reef Project.


A day service promoting independent living skills for Adults with additional needs.


Hazel Goddard & Sue Munts

Muntsy's Community Care Activities Ltd

15 Ventor Road.

Fortuneswell. Portland. DT5 1JE

Phone: 01305 826011 / 833679

E-mail: or

Community Chaplain. Neil Biles

The Vision of the Community Chaplain is to bring Good News to adults and older people in the communities of Fortuneswell and West Cliff Housing Estate, particularly for those who feel isolated, feel excluded, or are in need of help. You can contact Neil on, 01305 824381 or you can E-mail him on



Dave and Bill invite you to take a look at their Facebook Page. Just click the link.  ​

Portland Community Organisers
  Drop-In Youth Club

The Drop In youth club (in Easton Methodist Church)

is open from 6pm until 8pm on Tuesdays for Junior night (age 8 - 12)

from 7pm until 9.30pm on Wednesdays for Senior Drop In (age 12 - 25)

and from 7pm until 9pm on Thursdays for Senior Project night (age 12 - 25)

 We are also currently looking for volunteers to help out during these sessions.  Please contact me at for any more information.

CHESIL SAILABILITY. The 2012 Olympic and Paralympic legacy in practice

Chesil Sailability is being launched to provide the opportunity for disabled people to go sailing in the Olympic and Paralympic waters of Weymouth and Portland.  The small team of volunteers working on this exciting new venture believes the exhilaration and pleasure of moving on the water
is a freedom which they are committed to making possible for anyone whatever their disability.

The Olympics and Paralympics in Weymouth and Portland last summer were inspirational and Dorset now has some fantastic facilities at the Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy. In 2013, the group wants to seize the opportunity to offer people with disabilities the chance to get on the water. Their vision is to offer a flagship Sailability programme that offers the full range of experiences including tasters, leisure sailing and racing.

Megan Pascoe, Member of British Sailing Team and top 2.4m (Paralympic class) sailor aiming for Rio 2016. “As a member of the British Sailing Team I think that it is long overdue for a Sailability group in Weymouth and Portland. At the moment it is a long drive to reach a Sailability venue.
Sailability makes a huge difference to disabled people's lives and the infrastructure gained from this will greatly benefit the Paralympic legacy in Dorset. As a disabled sailor it will be great to see more disabled people sailing in Weymouth and Portland.”

Chesil Sailability is being launched at the WPNSA Outdoor Show on the 30th March at the WPNSA, Dorset, and plan to be on the water sailing this summer.

In order to get and keep Chesil Sailability afloat the group needs enthusiasts on board. You can play a part in making this happen, from being involved at this exciting start-up stage, supporting through sponsorship and funding, to a range of roles on the water and ashore. Chairperson, Hugh de Iongh, is excited by the challenge: ‘Chesil Sailability has the potential to provide world-class sailing for people with disabilities, with a local club and national events. This is our vision – join us to make it happen!’

To keep up to date with progress, please visit or email


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