We appreciate that many people do not subscribe to Facebook or other social media sites. We use Facebook to quickly get news and information out to the many page members that our PCP Page has managed to attract over the last few years.


We do not want non-Facebook subscribers to miss out on this information. So now, by checking-out our Facebook feed below, you can also keep up to date with local information without having to subscribe to Facebook. However, if you wish to subscribe or you are already a Facebook user and would like to become a page member of the PCP, you are more than welcome to like our Page by clicking the button below or search for 'Portland (PCP)' It will be great to see you!

By liking our FACEBOOK PAGE you can keep up to date with many local events and other information. The Page is regularly updated and is a great source of local information, not just for the local resident, but also to those who are visiting Portland and the surrounding area.

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